Shapiro Resources (old)

  1. Writing a Successful Shapiro Proposal Dr. Tsenkova’s slides from the writing workshops in January 2020
  2. Questions for Shapiro Mentor Sample List of Questions to Guide Your Initial Conversations with Potential Shapiro Mentors
  3. How to Find a Mentor and Project (December 2019) Dr. Tsenkova’s slides on How to Find a Shapiro Mentor and Project
  4. Shapiro List of Student Projects, 2017-2019
  5. How to Write an Abstract Sept 2019 online Dr. Tsenkova’s Slides from How to Write an Effective Abstract
  6. Shapiro Packet Global Health ONLY: Required travel packet for international Shapiro
  7. M1 Summer Independent Research Global Health ONLY: Information for students interested in an international Shapiro
  8. Path of Distinction in Research Path of Distinction in Research workshop slides