Research Forum

The 23rd Annual Medical Student Research Forum will take place on Monday, November 25, 2024 in the Health Science Learning Center from noon to 5 pm.

Information for Shapiro students:

  • The Atrium houses the poster sessions and the big classrooms around the Atrium (HSLC 1306, 1325, 1335, and 1345) house the podium presentations in 4 concurrent oral sessions. Each year there are typically 24 slots awarded for 15-minute podium presentations across the 4 rooms (e.g., 6 presenters per room), and everyone else will present a poster in the Atrium. All M1s and M2s are expected to attend.
  • As a Shapiro student, you are required to participate in the Research Forum, either by presenting a poster in the Atrium or giving a talk (“podium presentation”). Please note that the podium presentations are competitively selected and if you are not selected for a podium presentation, you are expected to present a poster. When you submit your abstract (due by September 9), you will be able to indicate if you would like to be considered for a podium presentation.
  • At the session: Research Forum and How to Write an Abstract, Vera will go over the process of applying for a podium slot vs. poster presentation, the scoring criteria, etc.

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