Student Travel to Present Research

A research support payment of up to $500 from the School of Medicine and Public Health is available to students to encourage them to present their research findings at professional meetings by helping to defray a portion of their travel costs. More than 50 students receive this payment each year.

Medical students who present their research at professional meetings and conferences will receive this payment. The dollar amount will match the student’s out-of-pocket travel and conference expenses, up to a maximum of $500.00. Students will receive their payment AFTER presentations have been made and AFTER receipts have been uploaded to the application. (policy updated April 2024)

Please note:

  • We cannot issue payments after the student’s graduation as an M4 in May. Dates of travel MUST be before your graduation date and you MUST provide receipts for travel at least 2 weeks prior to your graduation date.
  • Students may receive this payment only once per academic year.
  • These payments are processed through your student financial account with the bursar’s office. If your account balance is at zero (i.e., nothing is owed toward tuition), you will receive the full payment. If your account balance is not zero, it is possible that the payment will impact your financial aid offer and you may not receive the funds as a payment. Be sure that the refund method is correct/updated on your bursar’s account so that you receive the payment properly.
  • This is not an expense reimbursement. If another SMPH unit is also offering support for your travel, be sure to tell them that you will be receiving this payment so the payments can be coordinated properly.
  • If you are also receiving departmental support for your travel, contact the department administrative support to learn how best to book your travel arrangements, or you risk losing the availability of any and all departmental funds for this trip (flight, airline, hotel, meals, registration, etc.).

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