Shapiro Resources

Introduction to the Shapiro Summer Research Program (pdf slides)
Slides from Dr. Tsenkova’s presentation: Become familiar with the program, learn how to find and select projects and mentors, and know the timeline for the application process.

How to write a Successful Shapiro Proposal (pdf slides)
Lecture. (Video – NetID required) Recorded on: February 2, 202. Duration: 27 minutes
Dr. Tsenkova’s presentation on writing Shapiro proposals: Learn how to understand requirements for Shapiro applications, know what reviewers look for and avoid pitfalls, get application tips and know next steps, and allow enough time for one-on-one questions at the end.

Questions for Shapiro Mentor (pdf)
Sample List of Questions to Guide Your Initial Conversations with Potential Shapiro Mentors

How to Write an Abstract 2023 (pdf)
Dr. Tsenkova’s Slides from How to Write an Effective Abstract

M1 Summer Independent International Research
Information for students interested in an international Shapiro. Global Health ONLY.

Chart Review 101: Making the Most of a Shapiro Summer (pdf)
Lauren Penn, Justyn Nguyen, Benjamin Johnson, Katie Yang, MS and Tabassum Kennedy, MD
Video (NetID required) Recorded on: June 15, 2023. Duration: 21 minutes

Path of Distinction in Research (pdf)
Path of Distinction in Research workshop slides, which include the program description, timeline, detailed requirements, FAQs, and information on how to apply.

Shapiro List of Student Projects, 2017-2019