M1 International Shapiro Information

Both the Shapiro Summer Research Program and the Summer Research & Clinical Assistantship Program (SRCA) offer international opportunities.

These international opportunities require advanced planning during the fall semester, as students who wish to participate in an international research experience are expected to enroll in PUBLHLTH 714 – Global Health Field Work Fundamentals: Engagement, Ethics, Policy, and Methods, in the spring semester. This two-credit online course prepares students to work independently in international settings and is primarily asynchronous. Students need to be enrolled in PUBLHLTH 714 to be eligible to have an international Shapiro project approved. Contact Betsy Teigland, teigland@wisc.edu, in the SMPH Office of Global Health (1191F HSLC) to arrange permission to enroll.

Applications for approval of Shapiro or SRCA projects proceed through the usual processes. HOWEVER, students interested in international projects should explore possibilities in November/December, and should enroll in PUBLHLTH 714 if they are likely to proceed with an international project.

Per UW policy, students are precluded from traveling to any location that remains under a level 3 or 4 advisory, https://internationaltravel.wisc.edu/.  If your site is in a country that is designated as a level 3 or 4 risk on the State Department Travel Advisory or a level 3 CDC Travel Health Notice, please contact the SMPH Office of Global Health as soon as possible. This requires a special waiver request for permission, and the required documents must be submitted at least twelve weeks prior to your anticipated departure.

All students participating in an international field experience are required to fill out an International Travel Packet (pdf). Please contact Betsy Teigland (teigland@wisc.edu) to obtain this packet and receive further instructions.

Please note that all UW-System students studying abroad are required to have Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) insurance. This should be purchased through UW-Madison’s Risk Management Office (scroll down to Self Enrollment) after your research project has been completely approved and you have purchased your round-trip airline ticket.