2020 Research Forum

The 19th Annual Medical Student Research Forum showcased the work of medical student researchers and was held in a virtual format on Monday, November 23, 2020.

  • Dean Golden’s Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Dean’s Mentoring Award Lecture (Dr. Abel, Urology)
  • Student Presentations in virtual Breakout Rooms
wdt_ID Breakout Room Student First Name Student Last Name Project Department Mentor Name Title of Research Project
1 Room 1: Medical Education – Presenter 1 Megan Murphy-Belcaster Population Health Sciences Dodge Francis, Carolee, EdD

Stress and Coping among American Indian/Alaska Natives in the Age of COVID-19

2 Room 11: Medical Education – Presenter 2 Benjamin Herrick Academic Affairs Chheda, Shobhina, MD, MPH

A National Survey of Medical Students as Teachers Curricula

3 Room 1: Medical Education – Presenter 3 Tomas Schlenker Center for Patient Partnership Hanson, Lane, MSW

Data Analysis Pilot of the Resource Navigator Program at the South Side MEDiC clinic

4 Room 1: Medical Education – Presenter 4 Laura Kelble OCPD Shershneva, Marianna, MD/PhD

Improving UW-Madison ICEP Global Evaluation Survey

5 Room 1: Medical Education – Presenter 5 Cassandra Nytes OCPD Anderson, Barbara

Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with UW-Madison Interprofessional Continuing Education Partnership

6 Room 1: Medical Education – Presenter 6 David Martin Pediatrics; Academic Affairs Petty, Elizabeth, MD

Suicide Prevention at UWSMPH

7 Room 1: Medical Education – Presenter 7 Sharon-Rose Nartey Pediatrics; Academic Affairs Petty, Elizabeth, MD

Improving Immunization Rates of Black/African American Children at UW Health

8 Room 1: Medical Education – Presenter 8 Marwat Salamin Pediatrics; Academic Affairs Petty, Elizabeth, M.D.

A Survey Evaluation of The Effectiveness and Efficiency of Telehealth in Genomic Medicine

9 Room 1: Medical Education – Presenter 9 Clayton Skogman Population Health Sciences Petty, Elizabeth, M.D.

Enhancing Medical Education through School-Wide Wellbeing Initiatives: A Quality Improvement Approach

10 Room 1: Medical Education – Presenter 10 Baillie Frizell Population Health Sciences Zapata, Jasmine, MD, MPH

White Coats 4 Black Lives: Taking Action and Building a Network

11 Room 1: Medical Education – Presenter 11 Raphael Ellis Medical History and Bioethics Nelson, Nicole, PhD, M.A, BSc

Impacts of Failures to Replicate on Graduate Student Mental Health and STEM Diversity

12 Room 1: Medical Education – Presenter 12 Nasser Lubega Medical History and Bioethics Nelson, Nicole, Ph.D.

Impacts of Failures to Replicate on Graduate Student Mental Health and STEM Diversity

13 Room 2: Pediatrics – Presenter 1 Juanita Fernandez Pediatrics Allen, Brittany , MD

Examining Transgender Mental Health Outcomes Through the Lense of the Minority Stress Model

14 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 2 Mia Prifti Pediatrics Allen, Brittany, MD

Inducing Amenorrhea in Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Populations: Current Guidelines and Considerations for the Primary Care Provider

15 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 3 Alyssa Fleischman Pediatrics Coller, Ryan, MD, MPH

Feasibility of an Application to Support Enteral Tube Caregiving at Home for Children with Medical Complexity

16 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 4 Anneleise Frie Pediatrics Nackers, Kirstin, MD

Developing a Conceptual Framework of the Ideal Core Pediatric Clinical Experience Using a Concept Mapping Approach

17 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 5 Kelly Kuehl Pediatrics Harris, Anne , PHD, MPH, RD

A Look at the Needs and Barriers to Quality Healthcare and Healthcare Transition for Adults with Down Syndrome in Wisconsin

18 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 6 Brock Gilsdorf Pediatrics Bernhardt, David, MD

Understanding the Utility of Preparticipation Physical Evaluations (PPE)

19 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 7 Colin Boyle Pediatrics Bernhardt, David, M.D. Understanding the Utility of Preparticipation Physical Evaluations (PPE) - Stakeholder Analysis 
20 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 8 Gerald Weiss Pediatrics Otto, Mario, MD PhD

Review: Targeted Radionuclide Therapy and Imaging in Pediatric Cancers

21 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 9 Haley Strouf Pediatrics Babal, Jessica , MD

Parent Perceptions of Trainee Participation in Pediatric Care

22 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 10 Amy Rothwell Pediatrics Harer, Matthew, MD

Effects of Caffeine Maintenance Dosing on Renal Tissue Oxygenation in Preterm Neonates

23 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 11 Rebecca Martin Pediatrics Legare, Janet, MD

Comparison of Early Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy in the High Risk Population

24 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 12 Rylee Doucette Pediatrics Conway, James, MD, FAAP

Healthy HABITs: Designing a Hygiene Education Curriculum from 8,250 Miles Away

25 Room 2: Pediatrics - Presenter 13 Madilyn Sass Pediatrics Conway, James, MD

Healthy HABITs: Designing a Hygiene Education Curriculum from 8,250 Miles Away

26 Room 3: Ortho and Emergency Medicine - Presenter 1 Jaime Brown Emergency Medicine Svenson, James, MD Evaluating the Feasibility of Establishing a Culturally-appropriate Intervention to Decrease Antibiotic Self-medication Practices in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala
27 Room 3: Ortho and Emergency Medicine - Presenter 2 Derek Steck Emergency Medicine Darsie, Marin, MD

Exploring Staff Understanding of Code Status and Treatment Limitations at UW Health

28 Room 3: Ortho and Emergency Medicine - Presenter 3 Ian Wolf Emergency Medicine Pulia, Michael, MD MS Antibiotic Prescribing Patterns for COVID-19 patients in the UW Emergency Department
29 Room 3: Ortho and Emergency Medicine - Presenter 4 Simon Yadgir Emergency Medicine Patterson, Brian, MD, MPH Machine Learning Assisted Screening for Cognitive Impairment in the Emergency Department
30 Room 3: Ortho and Emergency Medicine - Presenter 5 Aaron Beck Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Scerpella, Tamara, A, MD Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Repair for Recurrent Patellar Instability: Successful Outcomes in Patients with Low Coronal Malalignment and Normal Patellar Height
31 Room 3: Ortho and Emergency Medicine - Presenter 6 Jennifer Dietzel Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Spiker, Andrea, MD Hip Preservation versus Hip Replacement: In Patients Indicated for Both, What Factors Determine the Choice of Surgery Type?
32 Room 3: Ortho and Emergency Medicine - Presenter 7 Cole McDonald Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Kliethermes, Stephanie, PhD Concept Analysis of Sport Specialization
33 Room 3: Ortho and Emergency Medicine - Presenter 8 Lauren McKay Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Watson, Drew, MD, MS

Decreased Ventricular Size and Mass Mediate the Reduced Exercise Capacity in Adolescents and Adults Born Premature

34 Room 3: Ortho and Emergency Medicine - Presenter 9 Michael McKernan Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Spiker, Andrea, MD

The Overlap of Pain Presentation in Patients with Hip or Back Pathology

35 Room 3: Ortho and Emergency Medicine - Presenter 10 Labina Petrovska Orthopedics and Rehabilitation McGuine, Tim, PhD

The Impact of COVID-19 Related School Closures and Sport Cancellations on the Health of Adolescent Athletes

36 Room 3: Ortho and Emergency Medicine - Presenter 11 Quinn Steiner Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Walczak, Brian, DO

Identification of Articular Cartilage Tear on MRI

37 Room 4: Ortho - Presenter 1 Sydney Rozenfeld Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Williams, Seth, MD

Pre-Operative Pain Plan Implementation Decreases Post-Operative Opioid Use and Hospital Length of Stay for Patients Undergoing Elective Spine Surgery

38 Room 4: Ortho - Presenter 2 Harjot Uppal Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Williams, Seth, MD

Effect of a Peri-Operative Pain Plan on Post-Operative Resource Utilization after Spine Surgery

39 Room 4: Ortho - Presenter 3 Brett Bukowski Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Illgen, Richard, MD

Opportunistic Computed Tomography (oCT) Provides Value to Identify Patients at Risk for Femoral Periprosthetic Fracture

40 Room 4: Ortho - Presenter 4 Elliot Chang Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Anderson, Paul, MD

A Preoperative Screening Protocol Identifies Osteoporosis in Orthopedic Surgery Candidates

41 Room 4: Ortho - Presenter 5 Alexander Hayden Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Anderson, Paul A., MD, MS

The Impact of Degeneration on Bone Densitometry and CT Hounsfield Unit Measurements in a Spine Patient Population

42 Room 4: Ortho - Presenter 6 Derek Jones Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Whiting, Paul, MD

Radiographic Outcomes in Humerus Fractures in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

43 Room 4: Ortho - Presenter 7 Bradley LeVesque Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Noonan, Kenneth, MD

Analysis of Screw Angle in Pediatric Coronal Deformity Correction with Hemiepiphysiodesis

44 Room 4: Ortho - Presenter 8 Sean Phillips Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Noonan, Kenneth , MD

Novel Electronic Consultation (E-consult) Service to Improve Access to Specialty Care: A Quality Improvement Approach

45 Room 4: Ortho - Presenter 9 Ernesto Polania-Gonzalez Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Grogan, Brian, MD

Role of Pre-Revision Tissue Biopsy In Evaluation of Painful Shoulder Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis

46 Room 4: Ortho - Presenter 10 Drew Richards Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Doro, Christopher, MD

hBMP-2 mRNA Delivery Through Mineral Coated Microparticles for Segmental Femoral Defect Fracture Healing in Rats

47 Room 4: Ortho - Presenter 11 Natalie Schudrowitz Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Nickel, Brian, MD

Comparison of Robotic-assisted vs. Manual Total Knee Arthroplasty Outcomes

48 Room 5: Radiology - Presenter 1 Felix Braun Radiology Grayev, Allison, MD

Ossification of Intrathecal Spinal Cord Access Following Repeated Administration of Nusinersen

49 Room 5: Radiology - Presenter 2 Matthew Brodhead Radiology Eifler, Aaron, MD

Disparities in Lung Cancer Diagnosis for Rural Versus Urban Veterans

50 Room 5: Radiology - Presenter 3 Sarah Daggett Radiology Ross, Andrew, MD, MPH

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Musculoskeletal Imaging: A Systematic Review

51 Room 5: Radiology - Presenter 4 Deven Durigan Radiology Grayev, Allison, MD

Atypical Intervertebral Disc Enhancement in Postoperative Lumbar MR Imaging

52 Room 5: Radiology - Presenter 5 Patricia Krueger Radiology Ross, Andrew, MD

Adherence to the STARD 2015 Statement in Reporting Diagnostic Accuracy Studies in Musculoskeletal Radiology: A Systematic Review

53 Room 5: Radiology - Presenter 6 Francis Perkins Radiology Grayev, Allison, MD

Review of Imaging Techniques of Fragility Fractures: Complementary Information for Operative and Nonoperative Management

54 Room 5: Radiology - Presenter 7 William Reinhardt Radiology Stephenson, Jason, M.D.

Implementation of Musculoskeletal, Neuroscience, and Behavioral Health Curriculum in U.S. Medical Schools

55 Room 5: Radiology - Presenter 8 Marissa Schoepp Radiology Grayev, Allison, MD

A Systematic Review of Transforaminal Intrathecal Nusinersen Administration in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patients

56 Room 5: Radiology - Presenter 9 Alex Tannenbaum Radiology Wells, Shane, MD

Effect of Metabolic Syndrome on Anatomy and Function of the Lower Urinary Tract

57 Room 5: Radiology- Presenter 10 Andrew Ticho Radiology Eifler, Aaron, MD

Generation of Pseudo-CT Images for Use in Attenuation Correction of Brain PET Images

58 Room 5: Radiology- Presenter 11 Alecia Vang Radiology Fowler , Amy, MD, PhD

Systematic Review of Progesterone Receptor Gene Polymorphisms and Risk of Breast Cancer

59 Room 6: OBGYN - Presenter 1 Payden
(Carlson) Delzer
Pediatrics, OBGYN McAdams, Ryan, MD

Investigating the Prevalence and Practices of Herbal Medicine Use in Antenatal Care in Mukono District, Uganda

60 Room 6: OBGYN - Presenter 2 Cathryn Phouybanhdyt Obstetrics and Gynecology Brown, Heidi, MD, MAS

What Do Community Agencies Want? The Perceived Value of an Online versus In-person Incontinence Program for Older Women

61 Room 6: OBGYN- Presenter 3 Symone McClain Obstetrics and Gynecology Peace, Stephanie, MD

Exploring Barriers to Perinatal Care Among Black Women in Dane County

62 Room 6: OBGYN- Presenter 4 Jamie O'Neill Obstetrics and Gynecology Gross, Maya, MD

Exploring Barriers to Perinatal Care Among Black Women in Dane County

63 Room 6: OBGYN- Presenter 5 Jordyn Anklam Obstetrics and Gynecology Landry, Mary, MD

Impact of Telecontraception Visits on Subsequent Preventive Health Screening

64 Room 6: OBGYN- Presenter 6 Danielle Hurst Obstetrics and Gynecology Antony, Kathleen, MD, MSCI

Prenatal Care Experiences among Pregnant Women with Obesity: A Qualitative Quality Improvement Assessment

65 Room 6: OBGYN- Presenter 7 Courtney Johnston Obstetrics and Gynecology Antony, Kathleen, MD, MSCI

Does Penicillin Allergy Increase the Risk of Surgical Site Infection after Cesarean?

66 Room 6: OBGYN- Presenter 8 Kaitlyn Landry Obstetrics and Gynecology Wautlet, Cynthia, MD, MPH, FACOG

Life Course of the Immediate Postplacental Intrauterine Device: An Institutional Retrospective Cohort Study

67 Room 6: OBGYN- Presenter 9 Pa Ta Xiong Obstetrics and Gynecology Antony, Kathleen, MD

Anxiety, Depression, and Pain in the Perinatal Period: A Review for Obstetric Care Providers.

68 Room 6: OBGYN- Presenter 10 Claire Vanden Heuvel Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Mares, Julie, PhD

Breastfeeding History and Retinal Thickness, Macular Pigment Optical Density in the Carotenoids in Age-Related Eye Disease Study (CAREDS)

69 Room 6: OBGYN- Presenter 11 Erik Sanson Pediatrics Mohr, Emma, MD, PhD

Birth Outcomes of Infants Born to Asymptomatic Pregnant Women with a History of Travel to Zika Endemic Regions within the UW Health System

70 Room 6: OBGYN- Presenter 12 Emmy Wanjiku Pediatrics Mohr, Emma, MD, Ph.D

The Association Between Maternal Zika Virus Infection and Small-For-Gestational-Age Neonates

71 Room 6: OBGYN- Presenter 13 Olivia Johnson Population Health Sciences or OBGYN Ehrenthal, Deborah, MD, MPH, FACP

Increased Access to Substance Use Treatment for Pregnant and Postpartum Women in Rural Wisconsin: 2012-2020

72 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 1 Rachell Caniza Anesthesiology Volz, Lana, MD

Does a Single Dose of Intraoperative Dexmedetomidine Decrease Negative Behavior Changes in Children after Outpatient Surgery?

73 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 2 Serra Crawford Anesthesiology Bilen-Rosas, Guelay, MD

What Do You Measure when You Cannot Quantify? – Analyzing the Incidence and Economic Burden of Sedation-related Adverse Respiratory Events

74 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 3 Carol Garcia Anesthesiology Abd-Elsayed, Alaa, MD, MPH

Use of Cryotherapy for Managing Chronic Pain: A Review Article

75 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 4 Alexander Luera Anesthesiology Hammel, Laura, MD

The Impact of Techniques of Reperfusion on Post-Reperfusion Syndrome in Liver Transplantation: a Review of the Literature

76 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 5 Sydney Schmidt Anesthesiology Abd-Elsayed, Alaa, MD, MPH

Incidence, Diagnosis, and Management of Neuromas Following Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment Review

77 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 6 Nicholas Zacharias Anesthesiology Abd-Elsayed, Alaa, MD, MPH, FASA

Interventional Radiofrequency Treatment for the Sympathetic Nervous System

78 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 7 Jake Burkard Neurological Surgery Baskaya, Mustafa, MD

On–Off Hours Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Treatment

79 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 8 Mohamed Fofana Neurological Surgery Hanna, Amgad, MD

Window Test, a Novel Technique Used for Clinical Inspection of Posterior Interosseous Nerve Palsy

80 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 9 Holly Helein Neurological Surgery Stadler, James, MD

National Trends in Utilization and Inpatient Admission Outcomes

81 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 10 Than Huynh Neurological Surgery Stadler, James, MD

Development of Virtual Pediatric Spinal Biomechanical Models

82 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 11 Michael Istvanek Neurological Surgery Dempsey, Robert, MD

Stroke Prevention in the Wisconsin Native American Population

83 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 12 Jason Kim Neurological Surgery Ahmed, Azam, MD

Predicting and Representing Endovascular Access Difficulty Through Measurement of Vessel Tortuosity in Stroke

84 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 13 Stephanie Olson Neurological Surgery Reid, Alisch, PhD, Assistant Professor

Characterizing the Role of DNA Hydroxymethylation in the Spatial Organization of the Genome

85 Room 7: Neuro/Anesthesia - Presenter 14 Sophie Shogren Neurology Khalid, Khalid, MD

Akinetic Mutism Following Bilateral Medial Frontal Lobe Infarcts

86 Room 8: Cancer - Presenter 1 Aria Kenarsary Human Oncology Floberg , John , MD, PhD

Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing [F-18]fluciclovine PET/CT scan at UWMSPH – A Retrospective study

87 Room 8: Cancer - Presenter 2 Alma Farooque Medicine Pophali, Priyanka, MD

Evaluating the Role of Pre-chemotherapy Cardiac Function Assessment in Adolescent & Young Adult Lymphoma Survivors Who Received Anthracycline Therapy

88 Room 8: Cancer - Presenter 3 Grace McKay Medicine Parkes, Amanda, MD

Factors Affecting Genetic Consultation in Adolescent and Young Adult Patients with Sarcoma

89 Room 8: Cancer - Presenter 4 Grigor Simitian Medicine Kosoff, David, MD Modeling Angiogenic Changes within the Tumor Microenvironment using Microfluidic Platforms
90 Room 8: Cancer - Presenter 5 Katelyn Backhaus Medicine Teodorescu, Mihaela, MD, MS Intermittent Hypoxia Accelerates Age-Related Collagen Deposition in Mouse Mammary Gland
91 Room 8: Cancer - Presenter 6 Leah Cha Medicine Tevaarwerk, Amye, MD

Reported concerns and acceptance of information or referrals among breast cancer survivors

92 Room 8: Cancer - Presenter 7 Rebecca Luoh Medicine Tevaarwerk, Amye, MD Patterns and Predictors of Cancer-specific Portal Usage among Patients with Cancer: Results from the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center Survivorship Program
93 Room 8: Cancer - Presenter 8 Rory Bade Medicine Lang, Joshua, MD, MS Evaluating Circulating Tumor Cells as a Predictive and Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers in Patients with Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
94 Room 8: Cancer - Presenter 9 Bailey Huser Oncology Xu, Wei, PhD Histone Deacetylase 6 (HDAC6): A Novel Drug Target for Exploration in Treatment of Neuroblastoma Tumors
95 Room 8: Cancer - Presenter 10 Dmitriy Kravtsov Pediatrics; Human Oncology Sondel, Paul, MD, PhD Roles of CD4 T cells as Mediators of Antitumor Immunity
96 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 1 Collin Ellenbecker Family Medicine Gilchrist, Valerie, MD What Do UW Health Primary Care Patients Think about Their Telehealth Visits?
97 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 2 Joshua Wilke Medicine Ryan, Westergaard, MD, PhD, MPH Perceptions of People who Inject Drugs among Service Providers, Community Members, Law Enforcement, and Other Stakeholders
98 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 3 William Bull Medicine Westergaard, Ryan, MD, PhD, MPH Service Needs of People who Inject Drugs and Implementation of Services in a Rural Setting
99 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 4 Lulu Shana Family Medicine Tilhou, Alyssa, MD, PhD Preliminary Exploration of Injury Characteristics in Predicting Opioid Misuse Among Victims of Traumatic Injury
100 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 5 Marissa Paulson Family Medicine Lansing, Kim, MD, PhD Active Shooter Drill in a Community Hospital
101 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 6 Andrea Nino de Guzman Ramirez Medicine Duma, Narjust, MD “Let’s Dance” Diversity and Inclusion Questionnaire
102 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 7 Calvin Lam Medicine Pulia, Nicole, PhD, CCC-SLP Swallowing Impairment and Treatment Profiles in Patients with Alzheimer
103 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 8 Claire de Forcrand Medicine Eastman, Alexis, MD Primary Palliative Care Education, Training, and Technical Support for Emergency Medicine (PRIM-ER)
104 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 9 Julia Loosen Medicine Kind, Amy, MD, PhD Feasibility of a Human Factors Work-system Designed Approach for Study Recruitment of Hospitalized Persons with Dementia
105 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 10 Kami Elzinga Medicine Carnes, Molly, MD, MS Reinforcement of Weight Bias by Clinicians who Endorse Diet Culture
106 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 11 Rachel Anderson Medicine Lamming, Dudley, PhD Defining the Relationship between Methionine Intake, Obesity, and Health Outcomes in Wisconsin Residents
107 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 12 Rebekah Carrizales Medicine Gleason, Carey, PhD, MS An Exploration of Relationships between Marital Status, Sex, Race/Ethnicity and Incident Dementia
108 Room 9: Medicine and Psych - Presenter 13 Spencer Treu Psychiatry Plante, David, MD, PhD Orexin as a Biomarker in Alzheimer’s Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
109 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 1 Rebecca Case Medicine Westergaard, Ryan, MD, PhD, MPH COVID-19 in Children: Implications for Schools
110 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 2 Abigail Boeck Medicine Westergaard, Ryan, MD, PhD, MPH COVID-19 in Children: Implications for Schools
111 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 3 Noah Maerz Medicine McCoy, Sara, MD, MS Sjögren's Syndrome Manifestations and Quality of Life Impact: A Descriptive Study Based on the Sjögren's Foundation National Survey
112 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 4 Miguel Woodham Medicine McCoy, Sara, MD, MS Four Distinct Symptom-Based Clusters Identified From The Sjogren
113 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 5 Antonio Medina Huerta Medicine Caldera, Freddy, DO Immunization Rate Disparities Among Hispanic/Latino Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
114 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 6 Emily Schmitz Medicine Safdar, Nasia, MD, PhD Reuse of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 Pandemic
115 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 7 Mallory Jasicki Medicine Nett, Jeniel, MD, PhD Determining the Role of Beta-mannosyltransferase Activity in Candida Auris Immune Evasion
116 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 8 Mario Matabele Medicine Pulia, Nicole, PhD, CCC-SLP Feasibility of a Probiotic Intervention in Older Adults with Dysphagia at Risk for Pneumonia.
117 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 9 Meghna Kurup Medicine Singh, Tripti, MD The Repeat Renal Biopsy in Lupus Nephritis
118 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 10 Rebecca Nye Medicine Singh, Tripti, MD Anticoagulation in Lupus Nephritis with Thrombotic Microangiopathy
119 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 11 Ryan Fuglestad Medicine Shirley, Daniel, MD Risk Factors and Mortality for Atypical Presentation of COVID-19 Infection in Hospitalized Patients
120 Room 10: DOM (Infection, Autoimmune/inflammatory disease) - Presenter 12 Tung Huu Nguyen Medicine Safdar, Nasia, MD, PhD Fast-track Publication of COVID-19 Manuscripts: An Analysis of Publication Times Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic
121 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 1 Brady Dangelser Medicine Bhutani, Gauri, MBBS Investigating Novel Clinical Associations in Polycystic Kidney Disease
122 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 2 Uyi Imasuen Medicine Bhutani, Gauri, MBBS Psychiatric Disorders in Polycystic Kidney Disease: Investigating a Novel Clinical Association
123 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 3 Abish Kharel Medicine Parajuli, Sandesh, MD Risk Factors for Detrimental Progression in Kidney Transplant Recipients with BK Viremia
124 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 4 Alec Perrera Medicine Bhutani, Gauri, MBBS Syndromes of Renal Toxicity with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Cancer Therapy
125 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 5 Ana McCracken Medicine Raval, Amish, MD Identification of Cellular Markers on Human Cardiac Fibroblasts
126 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 6 Annalise Panthofer Medicine Garg, Neetika, MD Post-Kidney Transplant Serum Magnesium Exhibits a U-Shaped Association with Subsequent Mortality: A Retrospective Analysis
127 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 7 Beyann Alzoubi Medicine Parajuli, Sandesh, MD Incidence, Risk Factors, and Outcomes of Post-Transplant Erythrocytosis After Kidney Transplantation
128 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 8 Emily Hoyer Medicine Maursetter, Laura, DO How Telehealth Can Improve Hypertension Control
129 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 9 Harshitha Mogallapalli Medicine Mohamed, Maha, MD Effect of Early and Late Conversion to Belatacept in Renal Transplant Recipients on Congestive Heart Failure Outcomes
130 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 10 Jalin Roberson Medicine Alvarado , Francisco, PhD., PharmD. Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia: Current and Novel Treatments
131 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 11 Megan Walusiak Medicine Raval, Amish, MD The Effect of Interpretability of Transmitted Pre-hospital Electrocardiograms on Accurate and Efficient ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction Diagnosis
132 Room 11: DOM (Renal/Cardiovascular) - Presenter 12 Tyler Kowalczyk Medicine Raval, Amish, MD Methods to Track Human Cardio-Therapeutic Stem Cells in Clinical Trials
133 Room 12: Surgery/Urology - Presenter 1 Vansh Jain Surgery Odorico, Jon, MD Imaging and Quantifying Endothelial Cell Vascular Networks In Vitro to Optimize Stem Cell-derived Pancreatic Beta Cell Replacement Therapies for Diabetes.
134 Room 12: Surgery/Urology - Presenter 2 Kirsten Gunderson Surgery Poore, Samuel, MD, PhD Differential Gene Expression Between Common Controls Highlights Importance of Choice of Comparative Group in Breast Cancer Research
135 Room 12: Surgery/Urology - Presenter 3 Marina Adrianzen Fonseca Surgery Poore, Samuel, MD, PhD Surgical Nerve Repair and Nerve Regeneration: Differential Gene Expression of Nerves Repaired Under Minimal and High Tension
136 Room 12: Surgery/Urology - Presenter 4 Terik Terrell Surgery Ronnekleiv-Kelly, Sean, MD The Effects of Chronic Circadian Disruption on Murine Body Weight During Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Development
137 Room 12: Surgery/Urology - Presenter 5 Kasey Wood Surgery Poore, Samuel, MD, PhD How the Local Environment Induces Differential Gene Expression in Regenerating Nerves After Neurotmesis – Implications for Neuroma Prevention and Neural Interfacing for Prosthetic Control
138 Room 12: Surgery/Urology - Presenter 6 Bikrum Chahal Urology Abel, E. Jason, MD Searching for a Tissue Biomarker that Improves Prediction of RCC Recurrence
139 Room 12: Surgery/Urology - Presenter 7 Jonathan Le Urology Jarrard, David, MD DNA Methylation Markers in Histologically Normal Prostate Tissue Predict Cancer Aggressiveness
140 Room 12: Surgery/Urology - Presenter 8 Aman Nihal Urology Jarrard, David, MD Automated Image Analysis of Histologically Benign Prostate Biopsies Predicts Cancer Presence
141 Room 12: Surgery/Urology - Presenter 9 Jasmine Love Urology Richards, Kyle, MD FACS Improving Bladder Cancer Care in Wisconsin Through Engagement with Patients: A patient-centered approach
142 Room 13: Surgery - Presenter 1 Evalina Bond Surgery Soteropulos, Carol, MD The Impact of Prior Abdominal Surgery on Complications of Abdominally Based Autologous Breast Reconstruction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
143 Room 13: Surgery - Presenter 2 Cassandra Crifase Surgery Long, Kristin L, MD, MPH One Bad Apple or the Whole Bunch: Patterns of Disease in non-MEN1 Familial Hyperparathyroidism
144 Room 13: Surgery - Presenter 3 Sahand Eftekari Surgery Garland, Catherine, MD ICP Monitoring in Pediatric Craniosynostosis: A Systematic Review
145 Room 13: Surgery - Presenter 4 Christine Johnstad Surgery Fiedler, Amy , MD Coronary Angiography Utilization in the Evaluation of a Potential Heart Donor by Age: A Review of Current Practices
146 Room 13: Surgery - Presenter 5 Gregory Raupp Surgery Lawson, Elise, MD, MSHS Postoperative Opioid Prescribing: How Close is Wisconsin to Evidence-Based Guidelines?
147 Room 13: Surgery - Presenter 6 Elizabeth Stoeckl Surgery Fiedler, Amy, MD Outcomes after LVAD Implantation by Bi-Thoracotomy versus Sternotomy Approach
148 Room 13: Surgery - Presenter 7 Quinn Vatland Surgery Gibson, Angela, MD, PhD Hypocalcemia in ICU Patients
149 Room 13: Surgery - Presenter 8 Max Wetzel Surgery Kohler, Jonathan, MD Dental Opioid Prescribing in a Wisconsin County
150 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 1 Lydia Buzzard Surgery O'Rourke, Ann, MD, MPH, FACS Experiential Learning of Interdisciplinary Care Skills in Surgery Assessed from Student Reflections
151 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 2 Ton Doan Surgery Schwarze, Margaret, MD, MPP Content and Use of Long Talk in Outpatient Surgical Consults
152 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 3 Aaron Faacks Surgery Voils, Corrine, PhD Measuring Self-reported Therapy Adherence for Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Patients with Comorbidities
153 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 4 Jonathon Gould Surgery Abbott, Daniel, MD, FACS PVE Versus Y90 for Future Liver Remnant Hypertrophy in Surgical Patients: the Fiscal Argument
154 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 5 Ines Hoxha Surgery Pitt, Susan, MD, MPHS

Fear and Worry about Thyroid Cancer in the United States: A Survey

155 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 6 Alexander Idarraga Surgery Schneider, David, BA, MS, MD, FACS Machine Learning Detects False Negative Benign Thyroid Nodule Diagnoses
156 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 7 George Luong Surgery Schneider, David, BA, MS, MD, FACS Risk Stratifying Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules with Machine Learning Using Available Electronic Health Record Data
157 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 8 Ghazan Mian Surgery Voils, Corrine, PhD Measuring Self-Reported Adherence to Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
158 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 9 Elena Padilla Surgery Abbott, Daniel, MD, FACS Gender Differences in EPA Evaluations of General Surgery Residents
159 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 10 Shawna Rivedal Surgery Abbott, Daniel, MD, FACS Gender Disparity in Cholecystectomy: Examining Teaching Resident Cases
160 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 11 Rebecca Strigenz Surgery Drivers of Cost in Colon Cancer: Is Location a Barrier to Equitable Care?
161 Room 14: Surgery - Presenter 12 Julia Woods Surgery Abbott, Daniel, MD, FACS Gender, Power, and Implicit Attitudes between Surgical Nurses and Residents: A Qualitative Study